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Union says PM must follow through on Lancaster House and Manifesto promises as Ministers plot fresh attack on rights at work. [...]
The care sector as a whole is struggling due to inadequate funding from central government and local authorities – and more cash is needed to keep the sector out of crisis, says GMB [...]
GMB union will sponsor HOPE Not Hate to bring support and solidarity to Greater Manchester as fans pull together in food bank drive [...]
Unless we shore up our own energy security we leave ourselves at the whims of dictators and despots says GMB [...]
Mercosur Deal Collapses
Tory Government supported damaging trade agreement with South American common market. [...]
UK nuclear industry at risk [...]
Price of Santa’s glass of sherry, buttered sprouts and toys rocket at worst possible time for hard up workers. [...]
Fighting For Asda Members
Union will be making sure members' voices are heard loud and clear, working tirelessly to reduce and minimise any proposed redundancies. [...]
Trade unions GMB and Unite have tabled a pay claim on behalf of local government craftworkers, which is seeking a downpayment on ‘pay justice’ for members. [...]
It’s impossible to feed and clothe your family and put a roof over their head on the minimum wage, without fat cat bosses trying to scam you out the pay you’ve worked hard for. [...]
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National News