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Attention All Paramedics – Returning Hours from attending the Mentorship Programme

Dear Colleagues and Members

It was brought to my attention late last year that some Paramedics, in a certain SLM area were being forced to return hours following abstraction from their normal working day to attend the mentorship programme.
This was grossly unfair as there had been no consultation on the matter prior to the individuals signing up to undertake the programme, plus there had not been a fair application across the whole of the East of England Ambulance Service Trust.
Being forced to do this also ignored how much self learning, course work and personal time each individual had to give up to fulfil the programme requirements.

Through negotiation with our CEO I have now received written confirmation that this should not have happened and anyone affected and had this applied to them will be given the time back in whichever way they had given the time to the Trust.

Any questions regarding this matter please contact your local GMB Workplace Organiser or myself through the below contacts

Take care and keep safe

Chris Bretton
GMB@EEAS Branch Secretary
Harwich Ambulance Station
Ramsey Road
t: 07876201663

Posted: 24th January 2016

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