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Collective Grievance – Read and ACTION

Dear fellow colleagues

It has been brought to my attention by many of you as staff and members of the GMB union the disparity being shown by the Trust in the latest pay enhancements and incentives being offered over the festive period between EOC staff and other Operations staff.

The disparity is defined in the fact that EOC staff are being offered an additional pay incentive whilst working either an overtime shift or a normal rostered duty above and beyond that of all other operations staff. This is unfair and unreasonable to implement when all operations staff are working under the same pressures and are equally missing out on the festivities with their families.

The financial implications of this has clearly been agreed by the senior executives of the Trust, yet the ramifications have not. We are meant to be operating as one Trust, yet actions like this do nothing but segregate staff and create an unhealthy divide within Operations as a whole.

Due to the sheer number of negative communications we have had regarding this matter we feel the only way to have this formally recognised and dealt with is by submitting a collective grievance to the Trust which needs as many of you to support as necessary to gain a positive outcome.
Union membership/affiliation on this occasion is not a requirement as this affects all staff.

The collective grievance is attached for your perusal.

If you agree and support this action, please email: stating
‘I support the collective grievance being raised by the GMB on my behalf concerning the disparity in pay enhancements and incentives over the festive period, between EOC staff and the rest of Operations staff’.
Please sign this with your full name and payroll/ID number.

Due to the short time frame between notification and implementation please action ASAP as the grievance will have to be dealt with retrospectively. We aim to submit this by Thursday 28th December 2017 to allow as many staff to take part in this as possible.

Have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year

Collective Grievance – 22nd December 2017

Posted: 22nd December 2017

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