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NHS Strike Action – Update

Since the successful day of strike action on Monday 13th October and the action short of strike action from Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th, it may appear as though things have gone quiet. I can assure you behind the scenes it is far from quiet and is flurry of activity in the preparations for phase 2.

Because the ballot that took place encompasses the whole of the NHS and all of the unions that cover the NHS are working together the details of the next day of action are currently being negotiated and the details being fine tuned. The logistics alone would give most people a headache.

Last week there was a meeting involving the UK National Officers who look after the NHS, following this I was involved in a teleconference on Friday 24th and next week, 4th November I will be attending a meeting in London as part of the NHS Ambulance Committee to again discuss this very matter.
This committee represents each and every GMB Branch within the UK, Scotland and Wales so everyone’s input can be collated and put forward to the overall decision of what the next day of action should be.

Because all industrial action must comply with the very strict laws of the land details will remain limited until a national agreement has been agreed on.
As soon as the details have been agreed you will be the first to know about it

Take Care

Chris Bretton
GMB@EEAS Branch Secretary

Posted: 29th October 2014

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