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Dear Colleagues

I am writing to thank you all for attending the “It’s OUR NHS” March & Rally on Saturday 4th March. Your attendance ensured that once again, the GMB London Region was incredibly well represented on the day. Our collective presence was fantastic, it was great to see and speak with so many passionate and committed GMB Staff, Officers and Branch activists on the day.

Sadly, Our NHS continues to be under constant threat of being completely dismantled by this callous and uncaring Government. It is therefore vitally important we do all we can to continue campaigning to protect and preserve one of our greatest National assets – Our NHS!

From the moment the Tories gained power in 2009, they have been continuously attacking the very existence of our NHS, we are now facing an unprecedented crisis within our health services.

Despite repeated assurances they would protect our NHS, the current crisis begun with a range of cuts to Social care funding and support, and in doing so, created a deliberate source of pressure being placed onto the NHS and it’s incredible staff who work so tirelessly, and under an ever increasing amount of pressure.

The selling off of our vital NHS services to the highest bidder will only serve those shareholders on the receiving end of healthy dividends, and the introduction of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP’s) are seen by many as nothing more than a smoke screen for further cuts and a wider, more deep rooted privatisation of our NHS.

The NHS was born in 1948, at a time when the country was weary following our involvement in World War 2, and was designed to ensure everyone was eligible for care, free from a reliance on the ability to pay, but rather focused on the need of the individual irrespective of their financial status. Our NHS is the envy of the World and we must do everything we can to ensure it remains so.

Let’s continue to ensure we do everything we can to protect our NHS for our future generations.

Once again, on behalf of the GMB London Region – thank you all for your valued support, solidarity, passion and commitment.

Yours in Comradeship

Warren Kenny
GMB London Regional Secretary
GMB London, John Cope House, 152 Brent Street, London, NW4 2DP

mobile| 07843 632 394 e|

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Posted: 9th March 2017

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