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Stab Vests Survey Results

Following an ongoing trend of members concerns being raised about the reissuing and use of stab vests following the incident in London we as branch started an online survey to gauge the overall feeling on this subject. The survey was started on the 5th April and open to all employees of the EEAS Trust not just branch members as the potential impact could affect every frontline member of staff. The survey was closed at the end of May and the results are in:

A total of 148 people took part in the survey, which is poor at best and does not provide enough support to take the issue forward to the executive board.
This is a sad turnout of events when just two days ago one of our frontline colleagues was held at knife point whilst performing their duty.

To put the figures into perspective, 148 respondents is equal to less than 16% of our membership, or just over 4% of the overall staff employed by EEAS

As a branch we take our members concerns seriously, but we can only pursue matters with YOUR support.
Don’t let apathy rule, together we can make change happen

Take Care


Posted: 2nd June 2017

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