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Building Better Rota’s – update

As the last BBR meeting is due to take place this coming week surrounding agreements on new rota’s, the trust will be asking staff to vote on their preferred rota. Many of you have fed back to me concerns surrounding the lack of engagement, negotiation or even discussion surrounding rota’s having attended the BBR working party meetings, but have been subject to being told what will be happening at individual stations, has proved that the process was predetermined and what is being enforced onto those stations with regards to vehicle numbers and vehicle times does ultimately dictate the working patterns, which has angered many fellow colleagues. Many of you have also reported breaches in management failing to follow the very core principles that the board built to see this process through. Based on this the GMB is advising the following:

Some staff/stations have been happy to work on new rotas as the previous Roster Redesign left them with much worse working conditions and regardless of feeling upon the relief element, a genuinely better rota is been sought by them, and we for one cannot blame them, as any change in any situation should equal or better staff conditions, not worsen.

If staff at any station are still feeling that the process has not provided correct engagement, discussion or negotiation surrounding rotas then now is the time to say NO. If you feel that the options being forced by the Trust are enforcing worse working conditions, a worse work life balance or a worse rota concerning your health and wellbeing, then now is the time to say NO.

Do not vote on any of the options that the Trust are putting on to you.

(Be aware that even if only one person votes, that one vote could be deemed as a majority by the Trust)

Do put together a collective grievance stating everyone’s concerns and ensure it is signed by everyone that rejects the proposed rota’s. (see grievance template on website).

The grievance process must be exhausted in its entirety, (informal, formal, appeal).

Once the process has been exhausted and if there has been no agreed resolution between all parties, the GMB will consult you its members on what our next steps are. You will only be consulted if you are a member so please, if you have not already, join today and have your say. The option may or may not include industrial action and will be solely based on the feedback we receive.

Posted: 30th September 2018

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