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GMB response to recent negative press surrounding EEAS

On Friday, branch officials met with newly appointed GMB Senior Organiser Gavin Davies.

Gavin was previously a GMB organiser within the south of England and will now be the NHS lead for the GMB London region. Gavin brings with him a wealth of NHS experience having previously worked within the NHS and negotiated with the NHS on behalf of GMB members.

This morning’s meeting was called due to our members raising concerns surrounding the recent negative news stories that have been pushed around and supported by a single MP.

This negativity creates more pressure towards staff at all levels, at a time when there is much housekeeping to be sorted first.

Based on this, and wanting to help the Trust sort out many of the in-house issues it currently has without individual agendas or the public spotlight creating more of a hindrance, we have today written to the board requesting an urgent meeting to try and work through our members concerns.

Posted: 30th September 2018

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