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EEAS Industrial action on Monday 13th October 0700 till 1100 hrs

Dear Colleague,

As you will be aware GMB members is taking industrial action on Monday 13th October.

For GMB members this is an all out strike.

EEAS do have the ability to ask us to exempt groups of staff from taking strike action or to respond to some urgent calls (Red 1 & 2) if they feel that the Industrial action would put people at risk, this is commonly known as Life or Limb.

The Trust have chosen not to make a request to the GMB, therefore, there is no requirement for GMB members to undertake any work from 7am till 11am.

You should inform control that you are taking strike action and they should not contact you with a job till 11am. You must, however, finish a call if you are already on a job at 7am the remainder of the action time would then be strike action.

You will have received a newsletter from the trust the content has not been negotiated with the GMB and as such do not cover GMB members; you should disregard their newsletter in relation to exemptions for the action period.

Over the period of action my colleagues and I will be visiting as many of the picket lines as possible, however if you have any issues please call me on my mobile 07738958142

I hope you all have a successful day of action, it is clear that we need a good turn out to change the governments mind on your 2014 pay offer, you should note that we took similar action in local government in July this has resulted in a new much better offer for local government workers.

Good luck for Monday

Kind regards

Tony Hughes

Tony Hughes
Regional Organiser
NHS Lead Officer

2nd Floor
Jansel House,
Hitchin Road

Tel: 01582 404842
Fax:01582 393150

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Posted: 12th October 2014

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