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Information Regarding Monday 13th October Strike Action

There has been a lot of questions raised concerning Mondays strike action, I will try and answer as many as I can here:

What are we striking for?
The NHS National Pay Review Body put forward and supported the unions request for a 1% pay rise across the whole of the NHS. This was rejected by government and instead Jeremy Hunt (Health Secretary) put forward his 1% non-consolidated pay bonus, which only 40% of the NHS would qualify for. Because this was a bonus it did not contribute to your hourly rate, overtime rate or pension contributions. Also this bonus would be removed in 2016 meaning all wages would return to that of April 2013. This was unacceptable as all NHS wages had been capped with no cost of living or inflation matching rises for the previous 5 years.. This was why every union in the NHS balloted their members with the resounding majority vote to strike and take part in action short of strike action.

I do not belong to a union and did not vote, can I still take part in the strike action?
YES….Any member of NHS staff on a Agenda For Change contract can take part as this dispute includes and applies to all NHS staff

I support the cause but due to personal circumstances I cannot take part, my colleagues do not understand and are giving me a hard time…
Taking part in any form of Strike or Action Short of Strike Action is always going to come down to personal choice and personal circumstance. And based on this we should not be applying pressure or giving anyone a hard time who through their own choice does not take part. This government and their decisions have placed a lot of people in financial hardship and although that is what we fighting for we must appreciate everyone’s situation is different.

To date the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust has not approached the GMB to request any exemptions regarding Mondays strike action. This means we will not be responding to any calls of any nature unless a last minute request is made over the weekend.

What happens on the day?
Strike action starts at 07.00 and finishes at 11.00 (4 hours). If your shift starts before that time then you should book on duty as per normal and informal control of your intention to take part in the strike action at 07.00. If you get a call before 07.00 then you must see the call through to the end. Upon finishing the call either at hospital or at a different location, you should notify to control that you are finished with the call you was dealing with and still wishing to participate in the strike action and you will be returned to your base station where you can join the picket line.

Where are the picket lines?
Due to the limitations of the strike only being for 4 hours you must remember to be available to start your shift, or continue your shift at 11.00 from your normal place of work. Due to this the potential is that every station could have a picket line. I have requested that those not on duty but who wish to support the strike action attend their closest main station and join the picket line there.

If you are approached by the media or the general public you can discuss the reasons for the strike action and only that alone. You must not discuss anything to do with the Trusts business or discuss any sensitive information as per normal working policy. If you do not feel comfortable with this please direct the media to your local workplace representative.

Do I wear uniform?
If you are on duty, or due to start your duty post the strike time then yes. If you are on a rest day but still attending in your own time to support your colleagues then NO, wear your normal clothing

If any further information, news or pertinent questions comes to light it will be circulated here and via our social media….

Posted: 10th October 2014

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