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EEAST Proposed Changes to the Meal Break Policy

Since the news was released that EEAS is looking to undertake a Quality and Cost Improvement Programme (QCIP) with potential proposed changes to the current Meal Break Arrangements, our members have been bombarding our workplace organisers and the branch with their opinions, which mostly are very strong but ultimately direct and rejecting the proposals.

Based on this the GMB as a member led branch have listened to our members and will be leading a campaign to oppose the proposals in what many have deemed as a further reduction of our working terms and conditions which further erodes our health and wellbeing, which many have found shocking following the results of the latest CQC report.

The GMB has contacted EEAS and urged for the Trust to sit down and have a meaningful consultation so our members voices are heard.  At present we are still awaiting for a response.

We will also be running a ‘Survey Monkey’ for our members opinions to be voiced and collated should the need for dispute arise.  Please keep checking back for updates on that.

Can all members please ensure their contact details are up to date, correct and that you allow the GMB to contact you.  This is very important should we enter into dispute.


Posted: 13th November 2020

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