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NHS Pay Survey 2021 Claim

GMB and other recognised health unions are still waiting for a response from Government regarding our joint campaign for a ‘significant and early pay increase’ for NHS staff. There has not yet been any commitment from Government to enter pay negotiations with unions and there has also not yet been any formal remit given to the NHS Pay Review Body to make recommendations on NHS Pay for April 2021.
In this interim period, GMB is continuing to consult our members regarding their experiences of pay and terms working within the NHS. All evidence gathered will be used in a GMB submission to the Pay Review Body.

GMB’s 1-year pay claim will consist of:
• 15% increase, or £2 per hour, whichever is the greatest.
• Unsocial hours enhancements to be payable on sick leave for all staff.
• A commitment that pay will never fall below a Real Living Wage again.

Please do click the link and take the survey: 

NHS_Survey_Bulletin 3

Posted: 13th November 2020

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