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Following the Government’s announcement on what they think NHS workers are worth –

£1,400, or 4% for those at top of Band 6 and all of Band 7 –

GMB will shortly be balloting all members. The pay award fails to deliver on GMBs asks of the NHS Pay Review Body.

• It DOESN’T deliver a significant increase that busts inflation.

• It DOESN’T provide a down payment and plan towards restoring a decade of lost earnings.

• It DOESN’T address issues specific to our ambulance service members regarding Section 2 Agenda for Change and retirement age.

• It DOESN’T put measures in place to stop NHS pay falling before the National Living Wage again.

• It DOESN’T provide a retention package to address job banding, fair pay for additional hours, limits to excessive working hours, encouragement of the use of recruitment and retention premiums or support career progression.

It is in fact – just another pay cut. GMB believes you’re worth more. But do you? This is your chance to Have Your Say on Your Pay. Don’t miss it. Your vote is crucial.

Read the full article here:

GMB NHS Pay 2022 Bulletin – 11 Aug 22

Posted: 15th August 2022

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