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Outcome from yesterdays meeting with CEO Robert Morton

Dear Colleagues

Yesterday your GMB representatives met with CEO Robert Morton concerning the recent proposals circulated to all of the staff within the East of England Ambulance Service.

Robert Morton has clearly stated that the GMB will be included in all negotiations and fully consulted before anything is trialled. Yes, any changes proposed will be trialled and if proven not to work then status quo will resume.

We can also confirm that these proposals are just that, proposals and that nothing will be imposed or forced upon any of the staff. There is also no deadline for these consultations to take place but there is clear data evidence that change needs to happen, and anyone who works frontline will know that we cannot continue the exhaustive path that staff are currently subjected to. We will as always consult with our members before agreeing to anything that could be deemed as a staff negative.

Since the proposals were released many of you have emailed me, phoned me, text me to raise your concerns, but we want to hear more from everyone. Do you have any ideas that could improve upon current meal break and end of shift vehicle loss that could improve staff welfare but also not put patients at risk? We now call on you our membership to engage and let us know your feelings on the proposals so we can data gather and put forward your thoughts and feelings as a collective.

let us know at: and together we can work this through. All correspondence will be kept annoymous but your thoughts are vitally needed

Keep Safe

Chris Bretton
GMB@EEAS Branch Secretary
Harwich Ambulance Station
Ramsey Road
t: 07876201663

Posted: 1st April 2016

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