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Proposal – Have Your Say

Dear Colleagues/Members
Following another successful meeting with the Chief Executive , Version 2 of the Trusts proposal ‘Balancing Staff Wellbeing And Patient Safety’ was emailed to all staff for further consultation and I hope by now you have all had a chance to read through its content.

Everyone has an opinion and we need it so your voice and ideas are included.

As a member lead branch we need you to continue letting us know your thoughts on this and also provide any alternative ideas you may see could work better.

So far the feedback has been positive and thought provoking, but we need you to continue this process based on the new proposals that have been released in Version 2 as there are many changes compared to the original release. We would appreciate as much of your feedback by 6th June 2016

Please email your thoughts and opinions to:

Keep Safe

Chris Bretton
GMB@EEAS Branch Secretary
t: 07876 201663

Donna Thomas
GMB@EEAS Branch President
t: 07854 112460

Posted: 29th May 2016

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